The Formulary Workshops have been created as a result of overwhelming requests from customers to fill a void in photographic education: photography workshops which include a broad range of the alternative processes. 

Formulary Workshops offer such  range of alternative processes. Workshops include basic photo techniques, a classic, well equipped black and white darkroom as well as corresponding digital instruction. 

The founders of the Workshops are Lynn and Bud Wilson, owners of The Photographers' Formulary, a chemical supply house for photographers world-wide. The workshops stem from their love of photography and the desire to keep the old techniques vital and growing.

The Facilities
With a state of the art film-based darkroom, equipped with eight Saunders color head enlargers, and an 8x10 enlarger for those really big negatives, the Photographers’ Formulary offers a first rate venue to produce high quality photographic work. Two additional darkrooms designed and equipped for the alternative processes, combined with large, accessible work-spaces, assure maximum opportunity for a successful workshop experience.  There is always ample darkroom time in the evenings for students to work. Workshop instructors can supervise evening sessions or there are un-supervised sessions with your lab assistant for those who want to make the most of their time here.

The Photographers’ Formulary sits in the middle of 26 acres of Montana’s Swan Valley, surrounded by mountains to the east and to the west, seven glacial lakes. The Bob Marshall Wilderness, the largest wilderness area on the continent of North America, lies just across the highway on the western slopes of the Rockies and climbs to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Brilliant sunrises and golden sunsets add to the beauty of our unique location, and help make it a photographer’s paradise. To the west, across pasture-lands next door, the Mission Mountain Wilderness stretches into the distance.

New Office Hours (MST) as of August 1, 2022:
Monday 8 am - 3 pm
Tuesday 8 am - 3 pm
Wednesday 8 am - 3 pm
Thursday CLOSED
Saturday CLOSED

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