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In the Paper Negative Workshop, I take darkroom photographers of any skill level on a journey through the process of using darkroom paper as a negative medium to create black and white fine art prints.

Paper negatives are often overlooked or only explored on the surface by photographers.  

There is an entirely new world that can be explored with paper negatives, and I hope to open that up to you and give you some new ideas for your photography. Even if you already know the basics of using paper negatives, I have several things in this workshop that I think you will find valuable.

I get right to the point and I share everything that I know and have learned about making darkroom prints from paper negatives. If you want to use paper negatives as your capture medium and bring them into your digital workflow, I have you covered there too.  

If you have ever wanted to learn or expand your creative possibilities with paper negatives, then this course is for you.

Session # 1 - Discussion about the characteristics and aesthetic of darkroom paper negatives as a medium
Session # 2 - Darkroom paper options (pros and cons of different types) and when to pick on versus the other 
Session # 3 - Use of filters on specific paper negative types
Session # 4 - Contrast control methods
Session # 5 - Field Pre-flashing technique 
Session # 6 - ISO Rating and metering techniques for RC paper negatives
Session # 7 - Tips and advice on handling RC darkroom paper
Session # 8 - Discussion of three possible output types with paper negatives, contact printing, enlarging, scanning for digital workflow 
Session # 9 - Development techniques for RC paper negatives 
Session # 10 - Part 1 - Field demo using a view camera (Ilford RC MGIV Paper) with a yellow filter. Part 2 - I conduct a field demonstration of the ISO testing technique and then take you back into the darkroom for the development by inspection of the negatives. Part 3 - I walk you through step-by-step how to establish DMAX and your standard contact printing time. Part 4 - We make a contact print from one of the paper negatives and evaluate the results.
Session # 11 - Part 1 - Field demo using a view camera (Ilford Grade #2 Paper) using the pre-flash technique. I demonstrate how I meter and expose the paper negative in the field. I expose two negatives, one with and another without using the pre-flash technique. Part 2 - I develop the negatives by inspection in the darkroom. Part 3 - I review the developed negatives with you and discuss the results.
Session # 12 - Field demo using Slavich Single Weight FB Paper to create negatives for making enlargements.
Session # 13 - Discussion of advanced techniques and methods for paper negative manipulation  
Session # 14 - I walk you through my process of creating a split-grade contact print from start to finish using a paper negative.
Session # 15 - Step-by-step method to bring your paper negatives into a digital workflow
Session # 16 - How to convert and manipulate a digitized paper negative in Lightroom & Photoshop 
Session # 17 - Summary and discussion of ideas for further exploration

I specialize in nature photography and I have a deep passion for flowers, trees, water scenes, and mountains. Join over 345,000 people from around the world on my Facebook Nature and Fine Art pages. The best way to stay connected and get the latest information is to subscribe to one of my newsletters.  

I describe myself as a professional nature photographer and darkroom fine art black and white printmaker.  

I love to help photographers of all skill levels learn new techniques and methods to improve their photography. I believe that mastering the technical aspect of photography is required to fully express a creative vision. You can view my current classic darkroom and large format video workshops and my contemporary DSLR video workshops.  

I live off the grid full time where I create my electricity and source my water. I try and live in a responsible and healthy way that makes the smallest impact possible on the Earth's natural resources. I am continually looking for ways to improve my personal sustainability model.  

I have a greenhouse where I grow my vegetables for a significant portion of my food supply, and I also grow flowers that I photograph for my nature photography business. 

Ultimately, my photographic art is about my deep love for nature. I use my passion for nature to bring joy to people and to raise awareness and shine the light on important matters. I feel blessed that I get to help fellow photographers master the skills needed to create high-quality photographs and fine art prints.

Workshop Cost: $795.00
Paper Negative
with Tim Layton
June 25th-30th, 2017